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Clovius strongly believes that websites built in accordance with web standards will provide the most consistent online experience for visitors using any browser on any platform with any device. Using modern tools along with manual coding and our experience-driven knowledge base, we continue to produce sites that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients whether they be individuals, businesses of any size or commercial ventures.

A website is only a success if the visitors can find the information they desire quickly and easily, so we build websites around intuitive site navigation and a consistent layout. Using the latest techniques we incorporate cutting-edge Web 2.0 technologies within our websites to solve design issues and enhance the visitor's experience.

Website screenshots and links can be found below.

HTML5 LogoClovius uses hypertext markup language (HTML) as the backbone of the websites we build. The latest version, HTML5, provides better tools than those found in previous incarnations, especially those that allow websites to display and work the same regardless of browser or platform. HTML5 is supported by the latest version of all the major web browsers and is replacing older third party technologies that required site visitors to install browser plugins to view the site correctly. We rely on a combination of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to help create a uniform website design with a simple user interface across browsers, platforms and devices.

jQuery LogojQuery is a bit of open source cross-browser Javascript, the most popular web scripting language. When added to a web page, jQuery can provide interface enhancements and additional functionality through programming. We at Clovius, employ this technology in many of our websites to increase usability, provide better navigation and build pages that load faster.

Open source refers to software, usually free, that is maintained by a group rather than a company which sells the software for profit. There are pros and cons for using this type of software. Besides the zero price tag, one of the main advantages of open source software is that it's code is editable so it can be tailored to suit the needs of the website. We attempt to use open source software when appropriate and make that determination based upon site requirements as defined by the client.

Drupal LogoDrupal, a customizable server-based open source content management system (CMS), allows Clovius to build dynamic websites containing vast amounts of frequently changing content. This content can be added and altered via a secure web interface with an optional built-in approval system that will help safeguard against contributors publishing content without editor knowledge or consent. Websites built with Drupal can be setup to allow authenticated user login and then access to specified functions such as commenting and blogging, if desired. Drupal is an extensible software package that can be customized for almost any application with many community supported modules making this package a vaulable tool for quickly evolving websites.

WordPress LogoWordPress is another server-based website development CMS and popular blogging environment. Content can be managed via the WordPress web interface by our clients without need to contact Clovius for each and every content modification. The WordPress open source server software provides hooks for plugins that can incorporate many features beyond the original blogging platform it was intended to be.

PHP LogoDrupal and WordPress are built with the very powerful PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) server-side scripting language. PHP code is interpreted by software running on a web server which then generates the resulting bit of HTML or an entire web page. Its this technology that powers these very popular packages and provides the conduit between the web browser, the code that builds the web pages and the data repository housing the content. With or without a server-based CMS, we use PHP to add functionality to web pages beyond what HTML and CSS offer alone.

Omnis Studio LogoClovius builds secure, scalable websites that serve dynamic database content using Omnis Studio. This proprietary commercial database backend can be used to collect and alter data through user interaction via a standard web browser without the need for special browser plugins. Websites that serve content through Omnis Studio can be password protected to secure confidental data and provide user levels with special access to administrative pages. See databases for more information regarding Omnis Studio.

An important part of modern website design is the inclusion of graphical elements. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our clients design services as well. When the need arises for design or content alterations, Clovius is available to provide continuing support.

Some examples of websites by Clovius include, but are not limited to:

Newman and Saunders wanted to update their website with a more modern style and take advantage of Web 2.0 technology to showcase easy viewing artist galleries.

Visit Newman and Saunders Galleries website

CMC Digest, an online newspaper, needed a scalable web-based entry system to handle their media rich content. Based on the open source CMS Drupal, this website allows several content types to be entered and published all managed by an in-house editor.

Visit CMC Digest website

Wayne Realty required a website with contemporary design that would search the MLS listsings and feature their own listings as well.

Visit Wayne Realty's website

Gordon Turk was concerned with promoting his upcoming events and required the ability to sell CDs through an online store. Gordon wanted to enter events himself, using a simple intuitive backend interface.

Visit Gordon Turk website

The owner of Coins and Currency of Wayne was tired of paying a big monthly fee to a large web publishing corporation. Now the website is under his control and he's saving money.

Visit Coins and Currency of Wayne’s website

The folks at T-ease wanted a whimsical, yet modern, look for their website which required an online store including a shopping cart that accepts credit cards for purchases.

Visit T-ease's website

Greg Giovanni described his website as austere simplicity with a modern interface. The design called for pages that are informational but not cluttered.

Visit Greg Giovanni's website

Labricciosa Construction's website goals were simple - Update our website. Make it friendly and informational with lots of pictures.

Visit Labricciosa Construction's website

JTM Contracting looked for a clean design for their website and wanted to convey traditional craftsmanship, high standards and quality service.

Visit JTM Contracting's website

Clovius' own websites are designed in-house. Take a look at a prior design of the Clovius website that we replaced in June of 2010.

Visit Clovius' old website